Energy Basics – 1

First understand your Power Requirement

In case you want to calculate about your need for power backup. Although there are many solutions to this problem but the most common solution that most people apply across the globe; is to go for an Inverter-Battery system. Planning to purchase an inverter, the first question that comes to mind is “What size of inverter I need?” to get best value for money being invested and meeting home/office need.  How one knows what suits best for their requirements. Getting into marketing gimmicks and investing into product which is oversize or undersize is a very common problem. Understanding some basic related facts really helps. Selecting the right kind of an solar power or non solar power inverter system is really important.  We will see in below section about selecting the right solution that solves need and gives value for money.

Before we start or jump to problem and solution mode, lets understand some basic glossary items which will be used through out the discussion from here on.Before purchasing any of the solutions (Generator or Inverter  with / without solar attachment). The most important thing is to understand requirement. To evaluate the power requirement, it is very important to ask and answer and discuss below points.

  • The total load to run on backup: This is essential to get the right size of inverter of power backup solution. And from size mean the VA  (volt hour) value. To get to the VA value, it is very important to know the wattage (or watts) of each appliance to run on the backup.
  • Total number of hours for which backup is required: This is essential to size the batteries that are needed.

To understand lets take an example of car. The car  has a certain CC capacity (like 800 CC or 1500 CC etc), which determines the power of car. More power can run faster or can take more load. This is similar to the VA value of inverter, which determines the load that it can take. The amount of fuel (storage tank capacity) a car can store (along with its efficiency) can determine how long (distance) it can go. Similarly battery bank size determines how many hours  of backup.

screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-8-18-55-pmScreen Shot 2017-03-05 at 8.20.20 PM.png

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