Solar Energy

Renewal Energy – Solar


Renewable energy source available which is the most abundant, cleanest and its an excellent solar resource shining across the globe. Today’s technology allows us to capture this energy in several ways giving the public and commercial entities flexible ways to employ both the heat and light of the sun. And don’t worry it will take 5 billion years for Sun to burn out.

Direct sunlight is indeed diffuse, but thin is a perfect match to diffuse. Solar cells are very thin and thin film solar technology is even thinner. Wind energy is a concentrated form of solar radiation, and electric generation is an economical, elegant way to capture it.

Sun, wind, geothermal, and other renewable electricity sources cannot directly replace high energy density liquid petroleum for transportation use; instead automobiles and other equipment must be altered to allow using electricity (in batteries) or hydrogen (via fuel cells or internal combustion) which can be produced from renewable sources. (Wikipedia)

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