Information Services

Solarnomy is fast-paced product & sme consultancy company. Today’s dynamic markets where technologies, innovation, competition, and product features are changing rapidly. In last couple of years the amount of change arrived in energy, information technology and financial services including digital payments and international remittances is astonished. Solarnomy helps to develop different innovative products and always try to be at best on today’s and tomorrow’s innovations. Solarnomy always give highest priority to Quality of Security, Privacy and prevent abuse of sensitive information.

Solarnomy works on agile principle to ensure quality deliverables (QoE – Quality of Experience, QoS- Quality of Service and QoSec Quality of security and privacy) to protect best its customer and their subscriber data. Solarnomy software products and systems go through Quality Control Processes. Solarnomy works on only one promise that is the best quality for its valued customers.

1. Core Border / International Remittance System.
2. Customised software for financial, IT and  Energy Services Industry.